LFLS logo

Laichwiltach-Logo-2x2The intent of the logo was to depict, Family – shown here by a mother figure, father figure and a small child. Values – the unification of the family in itself is indicative of values, through Sharing, Healing and through the family’s sense of Community.  The Copper, held here by the mother figure, further symbolizes the family’s sense of Sharing, Healing and Values – both in terms of social order within the potlatch community and in terms of spirituality on an individual level as well as the family, extended family and community levels.  Life – represented here by the continuum of the “TREE of Life.” The Roots of the tree delicately traverse the design to connect each person, pausing momentarily to display its many branches and the strength of the trunk from which each branch originates, and then carrying on to join once again the outer circle which is representative of all Life. Finally, the artist has encapsulated the design in circular form to signify the holistic approach to family life – which is the Laichwiltach Family Life Program.

The logo was commissioned to Kevin Cranmer. He resides in Victoria and is a Da'naxda'xw First Nation member.