Trauma Recovery / Sexual Abuse Program

Trauma Recovery / Sexual Abuse Program

Acknowledging that sexual abuse may have happened to you or that it may be happening in your family can be one of the most difficult things you will ever face.

Speaking to someone you trust about it will break the secrecy and the hold it has on your life.
Counseling will help you with your sadness about this intrusion that came into your life and/or family and will make if safer for you to feel hurt, afraid or angry.

Even if the abuse went on a long time ago it is possible for your troublesome feelings to diminish and your self esteem to increase so that your relationships are based on health and well being.
This program works with men, women and children who have had traumas in their life that affect their ability to enjoy and fully participate in life. Many of the children who see me need help working through various traumas.  Others are making transitional adjustments due to foster home placement and family break up.

I work to empower these children so that behavioral problems are lessened and they can meet their full potential.

I also work with parents who want to improve their parenting skills and enhance their communication with each other.

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